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Supporters of the quest

These have aided the quest with food, shelter, finances or other donations. In addition, there are countless anonymous souls who have given me water, snacks, honks of enthusiasm and smiles of encouragement along the road. I will be forever grateful for what they have contributed to.

Galadriel: Do not be afraid, Mithrandir. You are not alone.

Sponsors from afar

Liping Sun

Lihan Yao

Annelie Duveblad

Ole Sidenius

Helpers on the journey



Abbas Rehmtullah

Adil Owaid

Adolfo Morales

Manar Alsoltan

Amar Ismail

Shuan Jaf

Salman Muhammad

Saman Mahmud Rwansar

Theresa Hoefling

Krista Verver

Ali Saud

Mohammed Saud

Yassin in Akre

Bakhtyar Bahjat

Alnd Babsefi

Roney Adil


Fatma Tanriverdi

Celil Korkmaz

Ferat Demiroglu

Mehmet Ekinci

Adnan Tanboğa

Serhat Zencirci

Ahmet Aysu

Ali Kemal

Sergei in Silifke

Serkan and the fishermen in Sipahili

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